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Parotherm is a different concept of a mouth spray that comes to meet the main common problems such as bad breath and other diseases of the gums and oral mucosa. 
Parotherm was created following researches which aimed to obtain a multivalent product. Through normal use (twice a day) it contributes to the
elimination of bad breath or halitosis caused by oral anaerobic bacteria. Through intensive use (4-6 times a day) in terms of ingredients can help you get over the periods when you face canker sores, ulcers, oral herpes, gingivitis or periodontitis.
Parotherm is an innovative product that can be used as an additional mean of oral hygiene in the case of bracket braces, as well as those who have undergone surgery, dental implants and prosthetic works.
It is a unique product made to revolutionize mouth sprays, due to its wide spectrum of action, without being subject to the risk of contamination.

Anti-Age Eye Cream

Anti Age Eye Cream

It is recommended to use in the daily care routine, morning and evening after cleansing, applying the product on the area around the eyes by  gently pressing with your fingers.

  • Dermatological Tested Product .

  • No parabens.

  • No dyes.

  • No mineral oils.

Product  dermatology -cosmetic formulated as a cream delicate, suitable for sensitive skin around the eyes, dark circles and wrinkles improving; it is well absorbed into the skin, moisturizes, decongests, illuminates, reduces bags under the eyes and dark circles, based on the  beneficial therapeutic properties of the Thermal Water Springs. Thanks to active principles of its composition, the product is, effective wrinkle, anti-age the skin around the eyes.  

beautiful model applying cosmetic cream

Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle action on sensitive skin around the eyes, proven by clinical studies on volunteers, in vivo; 

The combination of the two types of active peptides ( Eyeseryl ®,  Argireline ® ) has a synergistic effect being effective against dark circles, bags under the eyes, fatigue and fine wrinkles.  

The active peptides, along with the high concentration of small molecule hyaluronic acid, promote the  synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin, while preventing their degradation. 

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