Want To Look Younger? Deal with Your Aging Eyes to Get Youthful Appearance!

Your eyes are the open windows to – your age! There’s a collective census on the fact that eyes are not the best secret keeper when it comes to aging. In fact, the eyes are the only part where aging signs tend to show up first because the skin around the eyes is very delicate and therefore more susceptible to those signs. Let’s not be so upset with the fact, this thin skin of eyes also comes with good news. Being thin in texture, it’s also where you can notice the benefits of anti-aging products – like eye cream – show up the fastest.

Makeup can only do so much until you don’t cake-and-bake your face. Adding layers upon layers of foundation and concealer will cover your dark circles. Still, it will never be enough to hide wrinkles and fine lines. Makeup is not the remedy for puffy and tired-looking eyes. Therefore, choosing the suitable eye cream for your AM and PM skincare routine will be a wiser YOU. After all, nothing is youthful and rejuvenating like bright, wrinkle-free eyes.

Key ingredients to look for:

If you want to reduce under-eye wrinkles, dark circles, bags under the eyes, and fatigue in the least invasive way, it's definitely by using a good anti-aging eye cream like AMV COSMETIC’s Anti-Age Eye Cream. There are many good quality products on the market with firming and hydrating ingredients suitable for different skin types, such as peptides, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, retinol, and more.

Not all anti-aging eye creams are created equal. For an eye cream to be efficiently effective, it must contain active ingredients that help to keep the eye-around area moisturized and provide it an even tone. Hyaluronic acid is one such active ingredient that promises to keep your under-eye area bright and wrinkles-free. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that captures and locks the moisture from the air into the skin, keeping the skin around the eyes soft and well hydrated. Peptides are other groups of active ingredients that do everything from promoting collagen production to helping smooth out fine lines. The blend of these ingredients boost elastin and collagen for firmer and brighter skin are well tolerated and suitable for all skin types.

How much Eye-Cream should I use?

Using the amount about a ‘pine nut’ per eye is usually sufficient. If your eyes' skin is dry and eyes are already showing signs of aging, then you may need a little extra. But for younger skins, the quantity of eye cream equal to one pine nut on the edge of the ring finger, lightly blended with the opposing finger then gently applied to the eyes, is all-sufficient. You need enough (as per your face frame size) to cover the entire orbital area, over and below your eye. Some of the eye products only take a few weeks before you see the signs of improvement in the appearance of aging eyes. Others are more short-term, and you need to use them on a daily basis to get desired results.

Bonus Tip: You should wear eye protection like sunglasses to prevent direct exposure to high index UV rays. Wearing sunglasses will not only help protect your eyes but make you look stylish and younger.

Whatever the skin type is, the steps of a basic skincare routine – cleansing, moisturizing, and wearing SPF – remain the same for everyone but finding and using a good eye cream like AMV COSMETIC’s Anti-Age Eye Cream is definitely worth your time that is made to treat everything for a youthful appearance, from dark circles and puffy eyes to under-eye wrinkles. Explore AMV Cosmetics to find other amazing products to step up your skincare routine.

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